Corpse Chamber Bio

In early 2021, a foul-smelling slime exposed a cemetery pit in which the Corpse Chamber was buried long ago. Digging into the depths of a rotting dungeon filled with maggots, the shovel discovered corpses in advanced stage of decay, identified as:

Artur Chudy Chudewniak (vocals) – known as the Rotting Ghoul Of Depravity And The Excruciating Voice Of Damned Souls

Michal Grall (guitars) – identified as a Flesh Devourer And The Unblessed String Noise Ripper (ex – Sinister, Unblessed Divine, Manslaughter)

Giovanni Durst (drums) – also known as the Maggot Swarm And Death Drums Enforcer (Benediction, Omicida)

Adam Ksiazek (bass) – recognized as the Goo Squealching Underneath Axe Blows And Skull Crusher

Victor Mac-Namara (guitar) – once known asThe Stench Ov Decaying Flesh And Bloodthirsty Claw Ov The Abyss

When all bodies were revived, an ancient force, hungry for flesh and blood, was awakened. With its growing power, the fires rained down on the first tunes of evil and damnation. All this to flood humanity with the sick sounds of the most hideous musical figure known as Death Metal.

With hunger for human guts, the guardians of the Corpse Chamber, set their first target as a cover of Carnivore – Thermonuclear Warrior, which will be released on the dripping mucus tribute to Carnivore predators under the name Thermonuclear Warriors Of The Fourth Reich – Hail The Carnivores, published by Putrid Cult Records

Corpse Chamber, driven by the lust for further sonic murder of zombies, are preparing an album full of a deadly stench, which will include their own songs of rot. Their hideous atmosphere will get you faster than you expect!

So welcome to the Brotherhood Of The Dead

Hail The Vermin – Glorify The Dead